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A translation agency based in The Netherlands

If you hire an agency that does the translations for you, then you expect them to be quick and reliable. This translation agency Netherlands is the one you are looking for. This company has more than 25 years of experience in the field of translating all different kinds of documents and content. Offering seamless integrations with platforms and tools is what they do. Experience it for yourself and get in contact now!

What can this company offer you?

There are different services they provide. For example, they offer InDesign translations. Finishing a certain book, a flyer or document in InDesign can be a lot of work. You don’t want to be spending countless hours exporting texts and files so they can be translated accordingly. The agency will assist you in preparing the documents for quick and easy translations.

They will help you with:

  • Using layers to your advantage for when text gets translated.
  • Make certain your layout changes as little as possible.
  • Connecting your INDD files to their translation service for easy import and export.
  • Assistance with the usage of white space. 

Say goodbye to copy and pasting thanks to the CAT tool (Computer Aided Translation Tool). This is the tool that the agency uses to make the translation process as easy as possible for you. No longer do you need to paste text back into your InDesign file. Whether you need a book translated or something e-commerce related. Scriptware is THE partner to assist you with these kinds of translations. Does this sound appealing to you? Then don’t wait any longer and get in contact now by using the following link.