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Any doubt between central heating boiler or a heat pump?

If you have any doubt between buying a central heating boiler or heatpump then you should realise that if you buy a boiler now, it may be your last one as gas heating is on its way out.

If you are going to build a new home, the answer is simple: you choose heat pumps Scotland.
If you have an existing house has then it becomes trickier, a heat pump is a device that is intended for ‘low temperature’ delivery systems such as low temperature underfloor heating and convectors. Making a home comfortable with a low temperature system is really only good if your home is suitable for this i.e. the house must be well insulated and without cracks that lets the warmth escape.

If your home still has single glass, is not well insulated and has draughts, then choose a boiler. But in that case you should also consider thinking about the future and perhaps invest in improving your home.

If your home is well insulated and doesn’t show any cracks then a heat pump is a good choice. Your property is then ready for the future. Of course the investment wil be bigger than when replacing the boiler, but in about 15 years time it will have paid itself of pretty much. 

Of course your personal private situation also plays a key role in the choice. Is there money for replacement, how long would I wlike to remain in the house? Perhaps there are other considerations. A home that is ready for the future has a more favorable selling price in the property market than one that it is not. So plenty of reasons to invest in it.

In general, you can say that if there is now space and budget to upgrade to a heat pump, it is good to do this. You are then ready for the future.

The best known brands heat pumps for underfloor heating in Glasgow that are now on our market (alphabetical order) are: Alpha Inotec, Daikin, Eco Forest, Itho, Stiebel Eltron, NIBE, Techneco and Viessmann. But also central heating boiler manufacturers like NEFIT (part of Bosch) are more and more enetring the heat pump market.

Renewable energy.

Renewable energy is energy derived from natural resources that are constantly supplemented or never run out. For example, energy from wind, water, sun or solar, ground and outside air heat. Fossil energy and nuclear power are not considered to be renewable energy, because these come from sources that are not supplemented.
The development does not stop and the results are getting better and better. Also in relation to the environment, friendlier materials to fil the heat pumps are considered. In the future heat pumps with a natural refrigerant are expected replacing synthetic refrigerant.