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Are you going to move to another house? Make sure you have done this before leaving!

Finally, the moment has arrived. You are moving to another house in a new city with new people and a completely new way of living. Before starting a new chapter in your life, there are a few things you must do. In this article we will talk all about the determined activities you must do before leaving. So quickly proceed reading if you want to know more about it! 

Big clean up 

First of all, it is important to leave your house completely cleaned up. Nobody is waiting to move to a house which is filthy. So, get your stuff together and start cleaning! It is important to work from room to room. In this way you will not forget spot. Our advice is to start cleaning when your house is completely empty. This will help you cleaning up the house super easy and fast! Besides, you don’t have to lift any heavy furniture like a couch or a refrigerator.  

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Say goodbye to everything 

Now comes the hard part of the entire activity: saying goodbye to everything. From your house, people you see often, the places you visited in your spare time and maybe the restaurants you often ate the best dishes. Moving can be very emotional, but the good thing about it, is that you will always have the most amazing memories, pictures and souvenirs. Besides, you will make lots of new ones! 

Make sure that all the paper trail is correct 

With paper trail, we mean, alle the things that come along concerning: signing up at the council in the new place you moving to, subscriptions which are linked to the old address and other important financial things. Also, you need to subscribe at a new internet provider company. Because tell me, nobody can live without internet these days, right?