Prevent costly damage repairs by using this ship management system

Everyday, ships are exposed to destructive environments. As a ship owner, you logically want to protect your ship from damage and dangerous situations as much as possible. Therefore, it is wise to maintain our ship thoroughly and regularly. This is regulated by a log in which every task is recorded. With the ever-increasing size and complexity of ships and fleets, maintaining a manual log is virtually impossible. That is why Mastex Software developed user-friendly ship management software in which all tasks are shown, categorized and marked when completed.  The ship management system is available as a demo, if you wish to try its features before purchase. Place your request today at Mastex Software.

Categorize your ship’s activities by using the latest ship management software

Ship’s activities are mainly comprised of day-to-day operations, routine checks, inspections and maintenance activities. Ship management software that allows you to categorize these activities in a clear and user-friendly manner, will greatly improve the efficiency of your fleet. Each task can be set to completion and is created based on operating hours, time or both. The ship management system by Mastex Software carefully registers every completed action so you end up with a clear overview of when which task was checked as completed. Structuring your fleet management is important in a world where shipping is constantly getting bigger, more advanced and always subjected to change.

Ship management software offers you a clear overview of maintenance tasks

When sailing out, one single thing is the most important of all: safety. This applies even more for large ocean-going vessels. There are multiple reasons for this. To start with, these ships are very complex. Also, they are subjected to some of the harshest environments that Mother Nature can throw at them. A complete vessel management system by Mastex Software helps you regulate maintenance activities, inspections and routine tasks. The ship management system offers a clear overview of the performed and outstanding actions, as well as an accurate registration of the running hours of your ship. Better insight in the activities aboard your ship allows you to fine-tune and work more efficient. Interested in saving costs while maximizing results? Request a free demo at Mastex Software.