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Surf School Booking System

Can you imagine a world where a surf school runs itself? Long gone are the times when customers made endless mobile calls to surfing staff to schedule or reschedule schooling programs. With a surf school booking system, you can easily make and accept bookings, transact payments and support your surfing school all in one platform. A surf school booking system allows you to check an extensive variety of essential insights such as staff availability, withdrawals, reservations and much more. It is also possible to generate innovative marketing materials like discount vouchers and promotion codes implementing them right into the check-out process.


Working with a surf school booking system permits you not to be concerned about double bookings or experiencing a shortage of staff. You will be able to make sure your business is packed with clients all year round. For starters, you will have a 24/7 booking platform. This allows you to be flexible and let the surf school booking system take care of booking for new customers. There will be visible time slots permitting clients to directly book lessons without the need to engage any of your staff. Dealing with waivers can be an intimidating duty, particularly doing it manually. With a surf school booking system. You can merge waivers directly into the booking process. 


In addition, you won’t have to deal with paper tickets. You will get to reduce the wastage of paper by using a QR check in feature. Clients can check in and confirm attendance using their phones. You can also include private scheduling and set time for one-on-one lessons. The surf school booking system is ideal since it gives clients full control when booking a surfing lesson with your school. It will handle all the heavy-lifting, and you just have to focus on teaching surfing. By spending little time handling bookings, you have more time interacting with your customers on water.