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Thinking About Buying A Wooden Garage? 6 Things That Will Help You Decide

Sheltering your car is very important as it helps you to avoid unwanted risks and damages. Well, log cabins make great wooden garages. These car garages are really in trend and swept the real estate market drastically.

They are usually beautiful, sturdy, and functional, so they add instant value to your home’s cost.  Moreover, there is a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles, or timber types available in the market.

Though it is a good thing, it sometimes becomes confusing to select the best one. So, if you are considering wooden car garages, consider the following things while making any decision:

Various Types of Usage


Though wooden garages provide shelter to your car, you can use them for various other purposes. You can use them depending on their size. You can use it as a wooden shed to store garden materials or turn it into a workshop.

With so much versatility, wooden garages can offer a lot more than metal or concrete counterparts.

Simple Foundation


A wooden garage only requires a simple foundation plate as it weighs less than a concrete garage. In contrast, a concrete garage needs additional foundations that can support its weight.

So, wooden garage construction allows you to save a lot of money and time compared to concrete or metal garage building.

Easy Extending or Installing


Timber is the main construction material of a wooden garage, and it is easy to use or modify. So, installing various parts such as closets, workbenches, or shelves is effortless in wooden garages.

Similarly, you can easily extend storage shed, roof overhang, or cut new windows. In comparison, all these ideas are hard to implement in the case of concrete or metal garages.

Just simple drilling of a hole into them may cause breakage or rust around a drill site. So, a wooden car shelter is a good foundation.

Simple Installation


You can easily install wooden garages as compared to garages made of other materials. If you want to do it yourself, you can quickly complete a garage installation on the weekend without much hassle.

In comparison, metal or concrete garage construction includes an extra deep foundation, so their installation takes a lot of time.

Choose Materials By Yourself


Wooden garages made from good quality timber have the best density and high thermal quality. So, it would be best to consider the following things while choosing the wood for your car garage construction:

  • Where Trees was Grown
  • Species of Wood
  • The appearance of Wood for Log Cabin
  • Wood Cost
  • Age of the Wood
  • Tree Height
  • Thermal Qualities of Wood

Wooden Garages are Easy to Replace


Though building a wooden garage with a wood preserver ensures its durability, you can easily replace it if any damage occurs in any section. You just have to simply take the damaged section out and replace it with a new timber piece.

Concrete or metal garages pose some difficulties because you need to take all sections out for maintenance.

In the End


The things mentioned above will help you decide to buy a wooden garage over concrete or metal ones. In addition, you can decorate the exteriors and afford the wooden garage easily.