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Why Twitch is the market leader of video game streaming

Streaming video games has become extremely popular over the past 10 years. Twitch is by far the biggest streaming platform, followed by Youtube by a big gap. Twitch was and is the first gamer-centric streaming platform and it still the biggest. But why is Twitch the most popular platform? Read on and learn all about it!

Why video game streaming has become so popular

Video game streaming has become extremely popular since people have been looking at gaming as a sport. With the upcoming of e-sports divisions the viewing numbers of top level gamers has increased rapidly. Twitch broadcasts multiple e-sports divisions and this attracts a lot of viewers. But this is not only reason why video game streaming has become popular. A lot of people use video game streams to become better at the game they are playing by watching top level gamers play. Other people watch streams of games they want to buy in the future or watch streams to decide if they are going to buy a certain game. This has lead to millions of viewers, from across the globe, on Twitch on a daily base.

The popularity of Twitch explained

Twitch has become so popular because it was the first gamer-centric streaming platform. Combine that with the huge amount of gaming related and non-gaming related content and e-sport tournaments and there is your answer. Twitch simply is the most complete video game streaming platform.

Get more viewers on Twitch

Are you a streamer wondering how to get more viewers? Use TikTok to your advantage! Convert your Twitch clip to Tiktok and share it on the platform. On TikTok your video can go viral without having a huge amount of followers! You just have to make the video relevant for the target audience. So make sure you pick the most entertaining moments of your stream.