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Why you want to have the Dutch M-form completed by this tax office near Nijmegen

If you are living and working in the Netherlands as an expat, you have probably heard of the M-form. The letter “M” in M-form refers to migration and it is, as the name suggests, intended for individuals who have immigrated or emigrated in 2020. For example, if you moved to the Netherlands last year and did not spend the entire year in the country’s borders, you are required to use this form to file your tax return. Filling out the form can be a complicated matter, especially if you do not speak the Dutch language. The form consists of dozens of pages and is only published in Dutch. Fortunately, there is a tax office near Nijmegen that can help you complete the Dutch M-form: Witlox International Tax Advice.

This professional tax consultant uses a personal and reliable approach

When you have the Dutch M-form completed by this tax consultant near Nijmegen, you benefit from a personal approach. The consultant will be more than happy to explain to you how filing your tax return as an expat works. You will then be asked to provide your personal details by means of an online questionnaire, which you can find on the company’s website. Consequently, the consultant will ensure that your tax return is submitted completely and on time. Could you use help with requesting a postponement? Then a consultant from this company will also arrange this for you.

Enjoy a worry-free tax return

This tax agency near Nijmegen has years of experience in arranging tax-related matters for expats, such as completing the Dutch M-form. The consultant can therefore help you in a targeted manner and is always up to date with the exceptions that may apply. In this way, your tax return can be arranged quickly and worry-free. Would you like to know more about the services? Please feel free to contact Witlox International Tax Advice.